CD16/32 Monoclonal Antibody (2.4G2)

Unlabeled Anti-Mouse CD16/32 (2.4G2) Serum-Free Monoclonal Antibody

Catalog:  ZX004

Specifications: 5mg per vial, 2.9mg/ml 

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Product Name: Unlabeled Anti-Mouse CD16/32 (2.4G2) Monoclonal Antibody

Description:  Anti-Mouse CD16/32 Monoclonal Antibody [2.4G2] specifically binds mouse T cell membrane Fc receptors, which effectively reduces the background signals caused by non-specific binding between fluorescent-labeled antibodies and mouse surface Fc receptors.  

Specificity:Against Mouse CD16/32 Antigen (Fc receptors: FcR III and FcR II)


Application:Flow Cytometry, Fc receptors blocking