Company Profile



ZXBio Co., Ltd is founded in 2017 at Mogan Mountain of Hi-Tech National Industry Development Zone, Huzhou. 

      Our company sets up a manufacturing base for producing top grade monoclonal antibody. Through a combination of intelligent-feedback software and indexed operational control system, we aim to establish an integrated manufacturing platform optimized for antibody production. The mission of our company is to develop monoclonal antibody-based research reagents, diagnostic reagents, and therapeutics for the medical community in China. This could lead to job creation, efficient delivery of novel antibody-based drugs to patients of a variety of medical illness. 

Novel Business Philosophy

ZXBio pioneers a novel business philosophy of corporate indexation. By constructing all company holdings and operational procedures into a value index, ZXBio aims to maximize its value index through day to day operation. We believe this new strategy will maximize our company's efficiency to meet market needs and grow our company's value in the fastest way.


Yang Zhang, Ph.D, MBA, MPH, CFO, CSO, Chairperson


  • Education: Yale MPH/MBA, UCSF Immunology Ph.D, Elected as HHMI International Student Research Fellowship
  • Expertise: Biotechnology (Publication of 6 Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles, 2 Filed Patents), Finance, Quantitative Investment
  • Experience: Yale New Haven Hospital, Dr. Jason Cyster (HHMI investigator, member of National Academy of Science, member of American Academy of Arts and Sciences) Laboratory at UCSF Medical Center, China Reform Investment Co., LTD, ZLR Valeon Mentor
  • Featured Publication: Migratory and adhesive cues controlling innate-like lymphocyte surveillance of the pathogen-exposed surface of the lymph node (Cover Article for eLife August 2016 monthly archive)

Nan Chen CEO, Executive Director


  • Education: Zhejiang University Engineering BS 
  • Expertise: Metal Furniture Accessory Design and Manufacturing (10 filed patents), Drug and Reagent Packaging in-House Design and Manufacturing (GMP standard), Management
  • Experience: Zhejiang Longhuang Technology Co., Ltd

Stephen(Menghan) Chen, MS, COO, Independent Director


  • Education: University of Wisconsin-Madison Industrial Engineering MS, Johns Hopkins University Leadership and Organizational Improvement MS
  • Expertise: Supply Chain Management (Sourcing and Purchasing, Operation), Optimization in the advanced manufacturing system and synchronization in SCM
  • Experience: Cummins Inc, UW-Madison Leyuan Shi's laboratory 

Scientific Advisory Board


Jason Cyster is a professor of microbiology and immunology at the University of California, San Francisco. He has been a Howard Hughes Medical Institution (HHMI) Investigator for 19 years.


Mark Ansel is a professor of microbiology and immunology at the University of California, San Francisco. 

Cell Shaker for Antibody Production