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ZXBio is a biotechnology company which innovates and optimizes operational processes to achieve High-grade antibody production. We also serve as a CMO (contract manufacturing organization). Our clients include pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and scientists.

ZXBio pioneers a novel business philosophy of corporate indexation. By constructing all company holdings and operational procedures into a value index, ZXBio aims to maximize its value index through daily operation. We believe this new strategy will maximize our company's efficiency to meet market needs and grow our company's value in the fastest way.

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Serum-Free Research Antibody


Serum-Free Diagnostic Antibody


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ZXBio invests in the US and Chinese secondary stock market, asset-backed securities, and patents which are synergistic to ZXBio's long-term strategic plans. ZXBio invests exclusively in the Healthcare Industry. 


Antibody Purification Engineer

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